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Lilly-Lionheart-Part-1By now you should know to duck the gelignite, but what I have yet to reveal is the top secret information you need to survive in an Evil Mastermind’s underground lair.

Monsters and mad science, even mythology I’ll be talking about over the next few weeks. I’ll be here to answer mad science questions as often as I can. But with guards constantly keeping an eye on me I don’t know how much I’ll be able to share without them noticing.

It is vital that this information gets out to all of you. It could save your lives some day. That is if you are ever trapped in an Evil Mastermind’s lair. Which I know sounds like something out of a comic book or a spy movie, and should be something that only happens in fiction. But for me. It’s real. It’s life or death.

I really have to go now. I can only use the excuse of sending department email for so long before the guards get suspicious.

Watch out or you”ll get bit too,,,

Hello world!

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Watch out – it’s a dangerous world out there – but it’s even more dangerous working for a diabolical boss – but more about him later – let’s say I’m not giving anything away – or else I’ll never get out of here alive.