Miss Lionheart, and mad science

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Miss Lionheart
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To celebrate the upcoming release of my latest book  Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death: Part 1: Once Bitten (no longer in print), Miss Lionheart has released an “ask me” blog – where you can ask all those tricky science questions like “are zombies real?” and “Why is this strawberry growing little strawberry plants?”

Do you have a burning science question you need answered? Or just want to know something about the Miss Lionheart books? Well, now you have a chance to have all those pesky questions answered. The weirder the better. So far Lilly’s fended off questions about strawberries and zombies, so throw her a curve-ball. See if Lilly knows her stuff by dropping by at  askmisslionheart.tumblr.com

You could even ask her some questions about her story. But I can’t promise she will tell you the truth. At least not all the truth. Miss Lionheart likes to play her cards close to her chest, so everybody is kept guessing as to what she might do next. Especially me.

Science icover-L-Modified-Once-Bittens an art, and mad science doubly so, with much of it based on real science, crazy theories, and even a little mythology. So find out more at askmisslionheart.tumblr.com and have fun! Because science is about having fun and playing with the world. And a large part of that is about asking why? Why is the sky blue? Why is my little brother taller than me? What is the difference between adult stupidity and adult condescension? Why is this strawberry growing little strawberry plants? Are zombies real?

If you want to know, find out more at http://askmisslionheart.tumblr.com/ and ask away!

I hope you enjoy!

A.J. Ponder

  1. […] I for one, would not want you to read it! But the blog is quite fun, my favourite post is “Miss Lionheart and Mad Science” at https://misslillylionheart.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/miss-lionheart-and-mad-science/ You […]


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